If you want to use the most advanced property, share market, finance, legal and tax strategies, taught by appropriately qualified professionals, and grow your lifetime wealth, you must join us at Wealth Retreat. The high-level topics we discuss won’t be found in books or on the Internet.

Join us and learn from our expert faculty, networking with a group of like minded investors, businesspeople and entrepreneurs while learning to build a true property investment business, or learn the science of trading shares.

You will discover the little-known (and rarely talked about) Success Philosophies, Beliefs, Thinking and Behaviours as well as the Advanced Investment, Finance, Share Market and Tax Strategies that allow Multi-Millionaire Investors to Attract Maximum Wealth!

Michael Yardney together with Louise Bedford, Chris Tate and Gavin Taylor are excited to announce Australia’s most exclusive wealth retreat on the Gold Coast on May 30 to June 3, 2015, where a small hand picked group of already successful investors, traders, business people and entrepreneurs will be brought before a faculty of experts.

The last few years’ Wealth Retreats were so successful that many attendees booked in to return again to hear these professionals share the key steps to creating and maintaining great wealth that they have up until now only taught their elite private clients.

But this year there is a wider faculty of speakers, and a broadened curriculum. The presenters will reveal how easy it is to become exceptionally rich if you have the right knowledge, the right mindset, a network of like-minded individuals and the right strategies.


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There is nothing else like this in Australia for sophisticated investors!

When speaking with advanced investors many seem to have the same challenges:

Obstacle #1: Isolation: It’s hard to build wealth on your own

Without question one of the biggest things I consistently hear from the Wealth Retreat graduates is that before they joined us at our 5 day retreat they were isolated in their wealth building.

Obstacle #2: Fear

One of the greatest obstacles to building financial freedom is fear. And with all the mixed messages in the press at the moment and the concern about the economy both overseas and at home, and the implications here for the property and share markets, the challenges with obtaining finance and the talk of a property bubble, many of us are more fearful than ever.

Obstacle #3: Uncertainty

The third major obstacle I’ve observed our Wealth Retreat graduates had to overcome was confusion. They had heard so much conflicting financial advice over the years that they quite simply didn’t know which direction to move in.

Can you relate to this feeling of overwhelm?

Find out more about how Wealth Retreat graduates overcame these obstacles by clicking here.

Whether you are a property investor, a share trader, an entrepreneur, a business owner or self-employed; if you are already a property investor or have a share portfolio (sorry this event is not for beginning investors), if you are committed to accelerating your ability to create wealth, then Wealth Retreat is a MUST!

Our faculty have identified the specific tactics that you need to employ to accomplish real financial freedom and emotional satisfaction in your life. When it comes to attracting heaps of money, Michael, Gavin, Louse and Chris as well as the others presenters are not theorists, they have done so personally and over the years helped hundreds and hundreds of clients do so.

(And we will keep you updated with details of the event as it draws nearer at no cost or obligation).


Super successful investors don’t do certain things.

It’s just that they do things in a certain way!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily; they just seem to attract money, while others are destined for a life of financial struggle?

Why is it that many people read books, listen to CD’s and podcasts, watch videos, go to courses, have learned quick rich schemes or real estate systems, but have not become successful?

It is not because of their education, their intelligence or their skills.

Super successful investors don’t have different things to invest in than the average investors. Super successful investors don’t do certain things. It’s just that they do things in a certain way!

Most rich people think in very similar ways and they think differently from the poor or middle class.

If you learn to copy the way these rich people think you can also become rich. We will show you how to do this – step by step – at Wealth Retreat. And only then will we will show you the property, share market, investment, legal and tax strategies of the super rich.

Join us at Wealth Retreat and spend 5 days with an elite group of successful Australian businessmen and investors who all want to take their investments and wealth to the next level.

Discover your own personal path of least resistance – the one that fits your natural strengths and weaknesses. When you discover what has led to your successes and failures, then you will know how to make wealth creation faster, easier, more fulfilling and fun.

This event is packed with ground-breaking technologies, dynamic interactions, one on one sessions with the faculty and powerful networking. Imagine the opportunity to network, mastermind with and form joint ventures with a group of Australia’s top investors – a room full of doers, not theorists.

There is nothing else like this in Australia for sophisticated investors!


How the Event Will Be Structured…

While there are many wealth creation, property, shares and tax seminars conducted around Australia, Wealth Retreat is very different to the rest.

In our initial sessions we will deal with the philosophy, concepts, principles, thinking and emotions involved with money, wealth and success.

Without confronting these, the subsequent practical and strategic advice will be nowhere near as valuable.

Then and only then will we switch to more practical, strategic things to do. Such as advanced property, asset protection, estate planning, share market, tax and investment strategies - the sort that are not written about in books and not available on the Internet. In fact these strategies won’t suit most investors and to be honest Wealth Retreat won’t suit most of the readers of this web page.

Most just won’t be ready to go and so their mindset will tell them they won’t be able to afford it. Most readers will put obstacles in their own way to stop themselves.

(And we will keep you updated with details of the event as it draws nearer at no cost or obligation).


Who should come to Wealth Retreat?

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Wealth Retreat has been designed for property investors who already understand the basics of wealth creation. It’s also designed for share investors and traders, businesspeople and entrepreneurs.

It is for a group of achievers who want to take their investments or business to the next level and who want to use the most advanced investment, share market, tax and asset protection strategies available in Australia today (shown to you by appropriately qualified, legal, accounting and tax professionals). It has been designed for individuals who already have a number of entities (companies, trusts or super funds) and have substantial funds to invest (as either cash or equity)

If you want to learn about advanced tax structures, innovative superannuation advice and sophisticated investment strategies, then Wealth Retreat is for you.

(And we will keep you updated with details of the event as it draws nearer at no cost or obligation).


Program Details

Wealth Retreat is designed for individuals who want to take their wealth and their investments to the next level and create Lifetime Wealth.

The participants will be handpicked from those requesting to attend to ensure that they will get the most out of their attendance and to make certain that they are the right “fit” to make the most of the mastermind group synergies we will be thrashing out.

Even though it’s not really a property seminar, we’ll be spending a lot of time speaking about property because everyone there seems to love it.

Apart from the formal program, you’ll have plenty of time for one on one sessions with the presenters to discuss your personal circumstances – that’s one of the many reasons we keep the number of attendees small.

There will be a philosophical and behavioral component… - we will be discussing your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about wealth.

There is a way of thinking that repels wealth, and obviously this is how most people think. There is a way to think that attracts wealth. If you think that way, you are magnetic to opportunity, money, and wealth. There are also behaviours that repel wealth and that is obviously how most people behave. There are ways to behave that attract wealth. If you behave that way you are magnetic to opportunity, money and wealth.

There is also a strategic component…

There are very practical things to do to put you in the right position, to set in motion the forces that attract wealth. Advanced investment, property, superannuation, finance, joint venture, asset protection, estate planning and tax strategies.

Plus! You will be amazed by the networking and mastermind opportunities where everyone in the room will help you get something you want.

(And we will keep you updated with details of the event as it draws nearer at no cost or obligation).


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On the Gold Coast from May 30th to June 3rd, 2015

Wealth Retreat is Australia’s ultimate learning and networking event for investors and entrepreneurs.

It has been designed for wealthy individuals, those who already understand the basics of wealth creation, who already own a business or investment properties, and attendance is exclusively by invitation.

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